Consultancy Services

There are easily over 50 environmental acts, which must be followed by industries. SATPL has advised a large number of industries by carrying out environ-legal audits from time to time so that the legal provisions are completely fulfilled. Also assists industries in obtaining this consent by giving complete environ-legal advice including continuous monitoring to confirm to consent conditions. These issues can have material implications on the trading performance, value and reputation of a company, and impact the value of your investment.

Get the Environmental Site Assessment / Due Diligence / Environ-legal Audit done by experts. Anywhere in the world, you may benefit through our rapid response to identify environmental issues and their commercial implications.

There is a need to create ‘awareness’ about Environmental protection. While efforts are being made at the national and international level to protect our environment, it is also the responsibility of every citizen to use our environmental resources with care and protect them from degradation. In this lesson we will discuss the meaning and causes of environmental degradation and the importance of environmental conservation by training.

Our Services :

  • Environmental Legal Services
    1. Environmental Clearance (EC) for Residential and Industrial projects of all sectors
    2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    3. Post Environmental Clearance reports and compliance's
    4. CRZ projects
    5. Liasoning of Consent to Establish, Operate, Renewal & Amendment
    6. Technical reply to closure notices & show cause notices, restart
    7. Personal hearings of statutory compliance's
  • Statutory compliance's of Pollution Control Board
    1. Environmental Statement Report (Form V)
    2. Water Cess return (Form I)
    3. Hazardous waste return (Form IV)
  • Environmental Audit / Statement
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Environment Awareness
  • Authorization
    1. Authorization of Bio-Medical waste from Pollution Control Board
    2. Authorization and registration for importing and recycling of hazardous waste from MoEF/ CPCB
  • Environmental Management Plan report
  • Legal advice on the matter related to environmental acts and its implications
  • Tree Census
  • Tree cutting NOC from local corporation anywhere in Maharashtra
  • Recycling, reuse and restoration of water
  • Central Groundwater Authority Noc ( CGWA )
  • Water Audit