Consultancy Services:

There are easily over 50 environmental acts, which must be followed by industries.
SATPL has advised a large number of industries by carrying out environ-legal audits from time to time so that the legal provisions are completely fulfilled. Also assists industries in obtaining this consent by giving complete environ-legal advice including continuous monitoring to confirm to consent conditions. These issues can have material implications on the trading performance, value and reputation of a company, and impact the value of your investment.

Get the Environmental Site Assessment / Due Diligence / Environ-legal Audit done by experts. Anywhere in the world, you may benefit through our rapid response to identify environmental issues and their commercial implications.

Even we provide Risk Assessment & Disaster management plan studies with our experts & having good knowledge of software too.

There is a need to create ‘awareness’ about Environmental protection. While efforts are being made at the national and international level to protect our environment, it is also the responsibility of every citizen to use our environmental resources with care and protect them from degradation. In this lesson we will discuss the meaning and causes of environmental degradation and the importance of environmental conservation by training.

Our Services:

  • Environmental Audit/Statement
  • Environmental Legal Services
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Risk Assessment
  • Disaster Management Plan
  • Environment Awareness
  • Environment Training
  • Safety audit & Management
  • Energy audit & Management

Engineering Services:

Environmental engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to improve the natural environment (air, water, and/or land resources), to provide healthy water, air, and land for human habitation (house or home) and for other organisms, and to remediate polluted sites. It involves waste water management and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, industrial hygiene, environmental sustainability, and public health issues as well as a knowledge of environmental engineering law. It also includes studies on the environmental impact of proposed construction projects.

SATPL has extensive experience (since inception in 1989) in completing sewage, effluent and water treatment plants from concept to commissioning. SATPL has a dedicated team to handle such works. The team consists of Environmental engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers and chemists.

The work usually commence with visiting site, collection of samples, carrying out a treatability study on laboratory scale, translate the laboratory work to prepare flow diagrams, P&I diagrams and layouts. so as a economic point of view Treatment Plant cost will be low comparatively to others.

The next step is to carry out detailed engineering drawings, specifications and vendor list for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works. We also help clients in executing the Effluent Treatment Plant on turnkey basis or getting these executed as prime consultants.

Our services include Design, detailed engineering, equipment supply, execution, erection, testing commissioning and operation.

Our Services:

  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Collection, Conveyance Systems
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • Solid Hazardous Waste Management
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Bio gas
  • Treatment Plant Equipments
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • D.M
  • Softener
  • R.O. Plant
  • Filters

Laboratory & Field Services:

Shreeji Aqua treatment Pvt. Ltd. has well equipped laboratory with sophisticated instruments for carrying out analysis of parameters covering almost all fields of environment eg. Air analysis, water and waste water analysis, soil analysis, biological analysis, etc. It has also facility for carrying out treatability studies for plant designing and plant operations.

It has also well qualified and experienced personnel. It has also separate R&D section to absorb new techniques and development in environment field. With expert scientific information and knowledge based on laboratory analysis advises clients on methods for storage, transport, handling and disposal of solid / hazardous wastes.

The Laboratory is under stack ISO 9001 : 2000 standard and is fully Computerized Laboratory Services

  • SATPL is equipped to carry out analysis of waste water / air / solid wastes by upto, date equipments and qualified and experienced scientists in the field of Environmental Sciences
  • Pilot studies / Bio assay / Laboratory scale treatability studies is our specialty.
  • The analysis and treatability studies to design the Effluent Treatment Plants scientifically.
  • Treatability Studies and Feasibility Reports for Environmental Treatment and Management such as Effluents, Solid Waste / Hazardous Waste.
  • Senior scientific personnel to carry out the basic engineering works including R & D, and flow diagrams for treatment scheme.
  • Setting up of monitoring infrastructure and laboratories for clients
  • Testing, Commissioning and Trouble Shooting of existing Treatment Unit.

This laboratory has also applied to recognize by ministry of environment & Forest (MOEF). All major projects follow a strict protocol of sampling, chain of custody and analysis and reporting to as per standards. Reproducibility of results is guaranteed and spare samples are stored for the project duration.

Our Services:

  • Water & Waste Water Analysis
  • Soil Analysis
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Ambient , Stack Monitoring & Analysis
  • Sewage & Industrial Effluent Analysis
  • Analysis of Heavy metals, Organic Compound & Pesticide
  • Hazardous Waste testing
  • All kind of microbial testing
  • Treatability Studies
  • GreenBio Treatment

Software Services:

Computer Software Available With Us For Modeling of Environmental Impacts.

Air Modeling Software: AERMOD

The AERMOD Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling System Is An Integrated System That Includes Three Modules:

Risk Assessment & Hazard Analysis Software: PHASTOur Services:

  • A steady-state dispersion model designed for short-range (up to 50 kilometers) dispersion of air pollutant emissions from stationary industrial sources.
  • A meteorological data preprocessor (AERMET) that accepts surface meteorological data, upper air soundings, and optionally, data from on-site instrument towers.
  • A terrain preprocessor (AERMAP) whose main purpose is to provide a physical relationship between terrain features and the behavior of air pollution plumes. It generates location and height data for each receptor location. It also provides information that allows the dispersion model to simulate the effects of air flowing over hills or splitting to flow around hills.

AERMOD also includes PRIME (Plume Rise Model Enhancements) which is an algorithm for modeling the effects of downwash created by the pollution plume flowing over nearby buildings.

On April 21 of 2000, the EPA proposed that AERMOD be adopted as the EPA's preferred regulatory model for both simple and complex terrain. On November 9 of 2005, AERMOD was adopted by the EPA and promulgated as their preferred regulatory model, effective as of December 9 of 2005.

Risk Assessment & Hazard Analysis Software: PHAST

The consequence analysis for the modeled scenarios has been done using DNV’s software PHAST (Process Hazard Analysis Software Tool) which allows assessment of situations which present potential hazards to life, property and the environment, and to quantify their severity. PHAST examines the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion including modeling of pool spreading and evaporation, and flammable and toxic effects. It is recommended for use by the Ministry of Environment & Forests per its EIA Guidelines, dated January 2001 too.

Publication for Environment, Health & Safety Awareness:

Green Revolution (EHS) Journal

The EHS Journal is dedicated to providing environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals with practical solutions and advice. Basically objective is awareness for Conservation & Protection of Environment resources & especially focusing on the current issue of Health & Safety for the laborers, Employees of Industries which is the major concern & troubleshoot everywhere.


  • Polyelectrolytes Of All Grades (Sediflock)
  • Coagulating Polymers (Catimole)
  • Decolorizing Polymers (DC-100)
  • Dispersing Polymers (Micronol)
  • Boiler Chemicals (Bio Money)
  • R.O Chemicals (RO Money)
  • Cooling Tower Chemicals (Cool Money)
  • De-scaling Chemicals (Scale Money)
  • PH Booster (Boost Money)
  • Water Proofing Chemicals (C-Money)
  • Heat Resistant Chemicals (Thermocoat)
  • Anti-Foaming Chemicals (Deformer)
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • COD & BOD Reducer


  • All Types Of Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Descaling
  • Mud Settling Agent
  • Decanter & Centrifuge
  • Defoaming & Antifoaming
  • Dyes & Fibre Recovery
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Retention & Drainage Aid
  • De-Oiler
  • Dispersants For Ceramics & Paints
  • Belt Press

PP, FRP Division:

  • PP Blower
  • PP Tank
  • PPGEL FRP Fabrication Works
  • Scrubbing System
  • Fume Hood
  • MS FRP Work
  • Manufacturing Of All Types Of Tank For Plating Shop
  • MS, SS Fabrication Work