PP, FRP Division

  1. Tanks For Chemical Storage -( for storage of strong acids, solvents, chemicals ) Customized rectangular, cylindrical tank with conical bottom are available, All kinds of tanks in PP, PPFRP, PVC, MS, MS-FRP, MS-PP
  2. Tanks For Electroplating - ( for dipping application of objects to be plated ) Customized electroplating dipping tanks are available in PPFRP & MS FRP
  3. Blower For Chimney - ( for suction and delivery of flue gases from Boiler, DG, Incinerator, Furnace )
    a) Belt drive blower
    b) Direct motor drive blower
  4. Fume Hood For Fume Hood Chamber - ( for elimination of toxic gases / fumes from working area )
    a) Laboratory and Industrial – with blower and ducting arrangement.
  5. Wet Scrubber For Furnace, Incinerator & Boiler ( for removal of particles, gases from exhaust flue gas streams )
    a) Flue gas scrubber
    b) Chemical Scrubber
    c) Particulate / Dust Scrubber
  6. FRP And Pvc Lining - ( for industrial flooring and tanks )
  7. FRP Mould And Die - ( for preparation of objects as per design )