Waste Water Treatment Plant

We are India’s leading Environmental Engineering organization offering total water management solutions. We provide optimal and sustainable solutions across all spheres of water and wastewater treatment like Industrial wastewater treatment, Recycling systems, Raw Water treatment, Sewage treatment, Solid Waste management and more.
Over the years, we have achieved numerous milestones and have constantly expanded our spectrum of offerings as well as our horizons. Today we not only have a Pan India presence, but also execute projects in other countries. All along we have ensured that we remain committed to our ultimate goal of Customer satisfaction and in this culture have bagged many repeat orders from our existing clients, which we believe is a testimony to our quality, service and satisfaction.
We have more than 13 years of experience to handle different grades of effluents and more than 400 numbers of Installations across India and abroad.
As we move forward, we are upbeat and confident of scaling greater peaks in the sphere of Water & Wastewater treatment and further expand our portfolio and geographical reach.

Our methodology
We analyse the effluent samples at our NABL & MoEFCC laboratory for different effluent parameters as per nature and compositions, carry out the treatability studies by using different methods checking techno-commercial Feasibility and then designed treatment schemes and processes accordingly to suit the purpose.
Our treatment system is compact, tailored, portable, energy efficient, and requires minimum foot-print to accommodate. The up-gradation and modification in the existing ETP system is possible to achieve desired limiting standards that are laid down by the Pollution Control Board (PCB).
Our Strength lies in having our own Water and Waste Water (Effluent) Testing Laboratory NABL & MoEFCC facility to a analyse water and effluent parameters. We carry out the treatability pilots to determine the best treatment methodology in our laboratory. We discover any problematic areas before initiating actual treatment plant work on sites.

Raw Water
We offer unique and customized solutions in all spheres of Raw Water treatment like Softener systems, Demineralized( DM ) Plants, Drinking Water treatment, Ultra Pure Water and more.  Special grade Water required in industries like Electronics, Pharmaceuticals etc are also provided. We can offer complete end to end solutions in the total spectrum of Water treatment requirements in any industry.

 Industrial water Treatment
We create and implement tailored or standardized industrial water treatment solutions and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Our industrial engineers combine their expertise with years of operational experience in the water/wastewater, allowing clients to focus on their core businesses.

Waste water treatment.
Wastewater treatment has always been our forte.  SHREEJI provides comprehensive treatment solutions for effluents generated from any industry. Some of the solutions offered includes Anaerobic, Aerobic and Physio Chemical treatments. Newer technologies like Moving Bed Bio Reactor ( MBBR ) and Membrane Bio Reactor ( MBR ) are provided as well.

Recycling Solutions with ZLD
We offer optimal Recycling solutions using Membrane technologies like Ultra Filtration ( UF ), Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) and more.  The wastewater after adequate treatment is passed through these systems and water recovered as permeate is used in Boiler and other process applications.  We have many successful operating installations for years together across various industries. Complete Zero Liquid discharge ( ZLD ) solutions as well as Membrane Bio Reactors ( MBR ) are catered as well.


  • Automobile Industry,
  • Chemical industry,
  • Electroplating,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Textile,
  • Paper mills,
  • Dairies,
  • Pint industries Etc.

Treatment Plants

  • Water Treatment Plants ( WTP )
  • Sewage Treatment Plants ( STP )
  • Effluent Treatment Plants ( ETP )
  • Revers Osmosis Plants ( RO )
  • Deminralisation plant ( DM )
  • Rain water Harvesting ( RWH )
  • Sludge bag unit
  • Oil skimmers
  • Filter Press & Bag Filters
  • Water Purifiers
  • Demineralization Water Treatment Plant
  • Automatic Water Softener